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Screw Nosgoth, I want to lick your manly body
I wish I could +1 shoutbox's posts.
Wait, do you want to play Nosgoth, or touch me? I'm confused.
Oooh i get in touch!
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Doublebull Wife agro got so high after 3 years, I may now that things are calming down. You guys don't need me though....Although ...
Drudz a Thanks, are you coming back for Blackfuse?
Doublebull Grats....
Doublebull Tank ya
Narcisse a Good job!

My mana =[

Drudz a posted Nov 10, 13

We suck at Immerseus

feralminded a posted Oct 3, 13
Took most of our available progression time on this douchebag.

Fimbulvinter All I have to say is watch that damn countdown and when the Pyro is in the air, before you go off on me for pulling befo ...
Morim MEOW
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