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But expect an end of June, early July release anyway to help keep people over the summer. Plus FF14 expansion drops near the end of June, and Blizzard will try to cockblock.
Content patches are on PTR for 1-3 months, raiding tiers being the lengthy of them. This is the fastest they've jumped into Mythic raid testing. We'll have two weeks when they announce the end of PVP season.
That's not how it works.
6.2 is already on the PTR correct? Doesn't that mean we have like 2 or 3 weeks
More mythic blackhand nerfs. We better kill it before 6.2
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These Bitches Sucked

Drudz a posted May 16, 15

Neo Running Train on Thogar

Drudz a posted Apr 22, 15

Narcisse a Beastlord is least bored.
Garrus a Hurry up on Oregorger and Gruul videos... slacker!
Drudz a 'FUCK THIS GUY' - Reaggan -- Stay classy girl

Blackhand Got A Black Eye.

Drudz a posted Mar 5, 15

Narcisse a Black-no-more-hand because Khadgar wanted it.

BrackenWhore Is No More..

Drudz a posted Jan 30, 15

Narcisse a Brackenwipe ain't my type.
Balan Hey yall were begging for it. Edited the thing in between pulls even rendered it during progression last night.
Drudz a Dem PoV switchtes doe