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I secretly wish they would delete flying just to be a witness to what it would do.
Anyone doesn't need drops from Koragh or last boss and wouldn't mind playing as Garrus? I think evyerone has a 670 2 hander and not I, and would help progression. :sick:
It's Manspider.
Spiderman, you look... different... [link]
Damn right [link]
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Ogron Fogronnnn

Drudz a posted Jan 13, 15

M Kargath

Drudz a posted Jan 11, 15

WoD Roster

Drudz a posted Sep 5, 14
Want more info on what our plans are for WoD and who will be there? Check in here!

Doublebull Impressive...I'll be around in a few weeks for my mount. lol. Kind of serious....maybe.
Balthz a That audio rip tho, can hear my key spam.
[Boss] Narcisse a That's awesome! Congrats on the kill, you definitely earned it.


Drudz a posted Apr 27, 14
Doublebull This fight's so easy...meeeeh
Balthz a Keep him up!!! rawrlghllrlhlglhlgh
Drudz a 2 bosses in 1 week, great job to everyone involved