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I reinstalled the [link] client and wow with it. I'll pick up the xpac when work dies down in the next few weeks.
For Scythio: [link]
good shit tonight boyz
The music in WoW never really impressed me much, but with Legion... caught myself humming a theme a couple times already.
You also need the quests to unlock things
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We're Back For Legion!

Drudz a posted Sep 18, 16

We are looking for new players willing and able to raid, click on the Recruitment Tab for more info!

Gorefiend 6 / 13 H

Drudz a posted Jul 10, 15

Skipping to Kilrogg 5 / 13 H

Drudz a posted Jul 9, 15

High Council 3 / 13 H

Drudz a posted Jul 8, 15

Iron Reaver 2 / 13 H

Drudz a posted Jul 7, 15